The Kinsfolk Series

The Kinsfolk are people our size who live in a giant’s world. Can you imagine what that would be like? The trees would reach way up into the sky. An apple would be something we would have to roll along because it would be to big to pick up. We would have to alway be careful not to be stepped on by the people of the giant world or the animals.

These three books are about the adventures of Kirsten, Chase and many other Kinsfolk.


The first book, Living in a Land of Giants introduces us to Kirsten and Chase and the Kinsfolk who live in a Blacksmith’s shop. The are nice and warm because they live in the wall behind the big brick forge. With the giants garden right outside their door, living is easy, or would be if there weren’t so many giants always coming to the Blacksmith shop.


Book two, Traveling with the Gypsys is the time after the Kinsfolk leave the Blacksmith shop and travel in the wagons of a band of giant Gypsys. For Kinsfolk who have always had their feet on the ground, traveling is a whole new experience.


Book three, A Rescue in the Snow tells how Chase and Kirsten, along with Kirsten’s father Elan rescue a large family of Kinsfolk who have run out of food and have special problem’s that keep them from surviving on their own.

All three of these books are full of exciting adventures that young people will love.


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