Harold Scott

Harold Scott, my Father, was in the US Air Force during World War II. He wanted his family and friends to understand some of the many experiences he went through during his military service so we wrote a book.

My Mother Juanita Scott recorded a talk Dad gave to the family and I put it into book form and researched pictures to add to the finished copy.

Dad had a stroke before we could finish the book but was able to enjoy the progress he saw as I worked on the book. He was so excited and really wanted the book published. The day of Christmas eve we laid out 50 copies on the table and each: Mom, Dad, and I walked around the table picking up pages to assemble the book.

The next morning, Christmas day, Dad had a massive stroke and passed away three days later.

What a legacy! Dad put his last feelings into a short verse I included here:

  • If it were not for these experiences I would never, never have seen so much of God’s green earth.
  • But for the battles and devastation, it was beautiful. At the time I didn’t realize how much God watched over and protected me. As I look back I can see time after time where His Hand was in there guiding me and bringing me safely through.
  • These experiences were rough and traumatic, but if I were called, and was able, I’d fight for my country again. I love her and I’m proud to be an American.
  • Staff Sergeant Harold F. Scott USAAF



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