1. Everyone knows about the “Buck”. Since childhood we have heard phrases like: “Pass the Buck” or “The Buck Stops Here”. Have you ever wondered where the phrase started and who was the first “Buck” passer?According to Gary Martin’s Phrase Finder, “The Buck” in this reference means responsibility and to “Pass the Buck” means to evade responsibility by passing it on to someone else.Mr. Martin goes on to say that during the second half of the nineteenth century a knife with a deer horn handle (male deer or buck) was used as a marker to tell who was next to deal the cards in poker.This may tell us where the phrase came from but who was the first Buck passer? The first recorded Buck Passer is found in the Bible in the book of Genesis chapter 3, verse 11 – 13. God ask Adam who told him he was naked and Adam said, “The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate.” Not only did Adam blame the woman, he also blamed God for giving him the woman. This seems like the ultimate blame game. Anyone who has the nerve to blame God has a LOT OF NERVE.

      If we continue to read we find the second blame gamer is Eve when she said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” Instead of taking responsibility for each of their own actions, they tried to pass it on to someone else.

      Isn’t that the way we try to do it today? We see this happening in children from a very early age. How do they know to do this so young? I ask my two year old son who had pounded a row of nails in a board and, thinking he was in trouble, he blamed the dog.

      It isn’t just children who pass the blame. When something goes wrong at work every one is quick to try to find out who is to blame so they don’t have to take any responsibility.

      It is hard to take responsibility for our mistakes. No one wants to look less in others eyes and also our own. US President Harry S. Truman was the first to use the phrase, “The Buck Stops Here.” He had a sign made and put it on his desk as a reminder that someone has to take responsibility.

      As we look for someone to pass the buck on to, we need to remember God is our Judge. We dislike looking bad in the eyes of our friends and co-workers, but God is the one we need to be concerned about. He is the one we measure our actions and mistakes against and He knows where the Buck Stops. If we think we can fool God, we are merely fooling ourselves.

      We all make mistakes and bad decisions but God knows the intentions of our hearts and is ready to quickly forgive. Let’s let the Buck Stop Here when we are at fault and turn to God for forgiveness.


      At church yesterday the Pastor said something in his sermon that I knew to do but had just forgotten.  He worded it as “We can remember past victories.”  I had heard it before as “Rehearse your victories.”

      However its worded it means the same.  To help keep our spirits up, we need to think about the good things in our past and not dwell on the bad.

      For some reason our minds always want to rehearse our failures or put-downs.  The more we think on these negative ideas, the more we can dig up and the lower our spirits get.

      It takes a real effort to stop those negative ideas and pull up some fun times, or successes, or compliments.  Like Peter Pan we need to think happy thoughts.  LOL

      Lets start right now and replace every negative thought with a positive one.  Lets rehearse our VICTORIES!


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