Have you ever wondered if your creativity can be expanded? I love being creative and wondered the same thing. Going to a writers workshop answered that question. Yes, it can be.

One way I enjoy expanding my creativity and also getting topics to write about is brainstorming. Most brainstorming is done in a group but it doesn’t have to be.

Take a large paper and in the center write one word. It can be any word, say ‘bird’ for example. Draw a circle around that word and put lines out from the circle like spokes, maybe 8 to 10 lines.

On each line, rapidly write whatever comes to mind. Blue, Wrens, Cranes, Scavenger, songbirds, Cage, Sea Gulls, Nest, Wings.

Next take one of the 10 words and draw a circle around it with spokes and fill in those spokes. If I choose Scavenger I might put Buzzards, Chickens, etc around that word. You can keep going or you can choose a topics from any level to write about.

Doing this for several of the first 10 words gives you topics to write on for a long time.

This can be fun and relaxing so do this with several different original words and see where it goes.


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