I just returned from a trip to Alaska.  What a beautiful place.  I took a cruise that started in Van Couver BC and went up the Inside Passage of Alaska to end in Anchorage.  What a great experience!

Alaska was one of those places I had always wanted to visit but didn’t really believe it would ever happen.  There are other places I use to think I wanted to visit but the older I get, the more some of those have just fallen away.  At least my interest has fallen.  I’m sure those places are just as beautiful and interesting as Alaska was but I am becoming more content to enjoy the places close to home.

When I retired and settled into one place I looked at what interested me, tree covered hills or bluffs, flowers, not too harsh winters, beautiful fall leaves and family and chose a spot that had several of those.  The USA has many places that fit the bill but I chose Weston, Missouri.  It is a small town with alot of history and friendly people.

Alaska is a whole different atmosphere than Missouri but when I look at what Missouri has to offer, it is just as beautiful and fun filled.  When we stop and look at where God has placed us, we can find things that are interesting in each place.  God has created a wonderous earth.


About sandyz

I have lots of interests like writing, painting, learning new things, and meeting interesting people. Most of all I am seeking to know God better and honor Jesus Christ. I have put various books on the internet as e-books with Smashwords. com. If you are looking for short Bible stories for group studies, check out some of my free stories. Two His Glory Publishing came into being on so I could represent two other authors and that has been a joy. At present I am re-thinking my shop at and have it on vacation for awhile. There is always something new and interesting going on here and you are welcome to come and join me.
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