Smashwords Marketing Guide

I have been studying the Smashwords Marketing Guide and what a treasure chest of information.  It has so many suggestions I just want to do them all right NOW!  

Another good thing about the Guide is it tells exactly how to do each step.  I am not the best with computers so I need something that spells it out in detail.

I appreciate the author not advising the reader to be pushy about promoting their books.  I get so tired of always being ‘sold to’ by some people.  Having worked in retail I understand getting the product in front of people, but there is a nice way to do that and there is an offensive way.  Personally I turn off spam whether on my computer or in person.

But best of all, the guide is free.  You can download it from and get started right away.

Happy studying!


About sandyz

I have lots of interests like writing, painting, learning new things, and meeting interesting people. Most of all I am seeking to know God better and honor Jesus Christ. I have put various books on the internet as e-books with Smashwords. com. If you are looking for short Bible stories for group studies, check out some of my free stories. Two His Glory Publishing came into being on so I could represent two other authors and that has been a joy. At present I am re-thinking my shop at and have it on vacation for awhile. There is always something new and interesting going on here and you are welcome to come and join me.
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